WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – Even local restaurants are trying to do their part in comforting and supporting the families of two Metro police officers killed in the line of duty Wednesday.

Tom and Annie Baldwin, co-owners of Wellman’s Pub in Des Moines, decided to donate 100 percent of the profits they make at the eight restaurants they own in the Metro Thursday to the families of the fallen officers. That means eating at Wellman’s Pub in Des Moines, Wellman’s Pub and Rooftop in West Des Moines, 1908 Draught House in any of its three locations in Des Moines, Waukee, or Johnston, Shotgun Betty’s in West Des Moines, or Magnolia Wine Kitchen in Des Moines, on Thursday, means your money is going to the families of officers Justin Martin and Tony Beminio.

“I think people are responding,” Annie Baldwin said. “I am surprised at how busy we were for lunch! And it’s great. People in Des Moines, and Iowa, are very giving, and when their neighbors are in trouble, they want to give back and do something for them.”

Baldwin says lunch crowds were larger than normal Thursday as word spread across social media; some who attended in support say they have personal reasons for feeling the need.

“To be completely honest, my brother is a police officer in Johnston,” said Wendi Reeves of Indianola. “So, I called him at 5:30 in the morning, and I heard his voice, so he was clearly sleeping, so I said, ‘Okay, you can go back to sleep.'”

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